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Men of Faith

Men Of Faith! Ministry

The concentration of this ministry focuses on the “total man”, not just his physical capabilities and strengths. From a spiritual, practical, intellectual and emotional perspective, Men Of Faith!, a.k.a. My Brother’s Keeper, assists the male in further developing and continually advancing his God-given qualities and talents. Time is spent encouraging each other to turn negative thinking into positive thinking in all areas of their lives, to set and achieve goals, to maintain an active vision, to deal with internal hurts and issues of the past and present, and to form spiritually-bonded friendships among themselves that involve trust; open communication; and the sharing of ups and downs, failures, disappointments, and victories in an effort to provide critical support to each other. Men Of Faith! aims to encourage men with the adage that, “He ain’t heavy… he’s my brother”, and that, “We really are our brother’s keeper.”