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How Can We Help You?

How Can We Help You?

It is with great joy in the Lord, on behalf of Ambassador Monzell and his wife, Obed, along with Pastor Jim and his wife Nicole, and all the other co-laborers of Kingdom Minded Worldwide Ministries, that we welcome you to our online home center. We encourage you to get to know us, and see how God is moving with us, and we ask that you prayfully consider joining with us in expanding God’s kingdom.  We are so excited and thankful that you’re taking time out to visit us and if you would like prayer just email us at prayer@kmwministries.com or have a general inquiry email info@kmwministries.com.

At Kingdom Minded Worldwide, it’s not just a name but who we are.  We’re always looking for opportunities to share Jesus Christ with the lost, give hope to the hopeless, encourage the body, serve in the local community and gather together in fellowship with all of God‘s people.  Just like in heaven, It makes no difference to us what race, color, nationality or position you hold, in the Body of Christ we are all united. Even if you have a different church home, it doesn’t matter because we make up the “Body of Christ” together for Jesus Christ and God the Father.  As believers, we serve the same God, and we are led by the same Spirit, called to unity through God’s love one for each other with our loyalty to God before men.