At Kingdom Minded Worldwide Ministries, we believe that God intended for each one of us to study and grow deeper in your personal faith with God.  Jesus led a group of 12 disciples who then taught 12 disciples, and so on.    Because of this working together to groom each other (iron sharpens iron), the gospel of Jesus Christ has spread all over the world.

Below are some online sources to help you do your own research regarding modern topics and how they should be dealt with.   We also have links to KMW’s online teaching series and study guides, soon to be posted to the links in the menu bar.  

ONLINE BIBLES: Online bible tool with bookmarks downloadable bible software Online bible eSword for MAC systems online bible with Hebrew and Greek translations Combines bible locations with google maps Search engine topical related verses to almost any word you may be studying. Greek and Hebrew bibles for every chapter in the bible      HEBREW BIBLE   Learn the Hebrew Alphabet







BIBLE REFERENCE LINKS: Kirk Cameron and Ray’s soul winning systems Bible software Christian Research Institute Bible Software Institute for Creation Research


CHRISTIAN SEARCH DIRECTORIES: Christian Radio lists Christian Radio shows list Online Broadcasts Videos on demand



Israel Official Archaeology Site

The Handbook of Biblical Numismatics

Archnet (U of Conn)

Associates for Biblical Research

Biblical Archaeology Review

Near East Archaeology Society

Baylor Anthropology


PROPHETIC -END TIME RESEARCH LINKS: NEWS NEWS Jack Kelley    Jack Van Impe Perry Stone Chuck Missler Jack Kinsella Hal Lindsey Ed Hindson David Reagan John Ankerberg Tim LaHaye Zola Levitt Dave Hunt Roger Oakland Global Seismic Monitor Earthquakes…. US Geological Society Earthquakes Space related work Global incidents to monitor terrorism Help witness to same-gender relationships Creation data The Case for Christ Lee Strobel The Star of Bethlehem Video and Astronomy research GOOD! Jan Markell Brian Wells, Study on New Age religions    Walid Shoebat


LEGAL RESOURCES: American Family Association legal Liberty Counsel American Counsel for Liberty & Justice