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Meet Pastor Jim


Pastor, Kingdom Minded Worldwide Ministries and Volunteer Chaplain DBPD

At A Glance

  • I was Hatched In Central Florida (LOL)
  • Accepted Jesus as my savior in February 1986
  • Started a church in Deltona in 1991, divorced, and stepped down from ministry
  • Began teaching bible in Prisons in 1994
  • Ordained back into the ministry in 2013
  • Joined the team of Kingdom Minded Worldwide Ministries in 2014-Present
  • Volunteer Chaplain with Daytona Beach Police Department in 2015-Present
  • Married Nicole on the beach at Ormond By The Sea, Florida
  • Enjoys hiking, riding bikes, camping, movies, playing at Disney, and trying new restaurants. I believe I am the gourmet critic of mom-and-pop dining
  • Favorite Bible Verse: Proverbs 11:30 “The fruit of the righteous is a tree of life, And he who wins souls is wise.”

How did you become a believer?

In 1986 I was invited to a Wednesday night service to hear Brother Gene by a coworker, starting with dinner and hearing this series on Proverb wisdom.  I made my friend sign an agreement that if I went he could never invite me again.  Well as we have it, the Pastor changed his sermon that night and spoke on hell and being torn apart in utter darkness. After I left there, I was freaking out because I had nightmares waking me up in a cold sweat where evil monsters were tearing me apart limb by limb and laughing at me.  I was shaking with nervousness and felt guilty for the life I was living.  Come the following Saturday morning, I was sleeping off a cocaine and alcohol hangover when I heard a knock at my door and it was Bro. Gene Pritchard from First Baptist Church of Pine Hills standing there. I went into the closet, sat on the floor, and planned to wait him out until he would leave. Just then I heard a voice say to me “Behold I stand at the door and knock and if you will open it, I will come into you”. This voice was audible, in an empty apartment, and was so authoritative that it made the hairs on my arms stand up and I was afraid for my life. I jumped up, opened the door, and let the Pastor come in. With drugs still on my coffee table, he led me to Jesus Christ. After he left, I dumped the drugs down the toilet and began faithfully attending church, reading the bible, and seeking to know more about this God (Eloheim, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob) who called out to me. Now I will pursue Him for all eternity and I hope to bring others with me to the great wedding feast of the Lamb.

Tell us a little about your life.

I was the chief sinner among sinners, I gave into the desires of the flesh, drugs, alcohol, and sex.  Often sleeping with women and using drugs and alcohol to have more sex, married or single it did not matter. I even experimented with homosexual sex as a teenager.  I became addicted to sex and turned to pornography to help fill a hole in my soul when I was not successful in picking up someone that night.  Soon, I became triggered by stress and only pornography could help me feel better.  During my flesh-driven lifestyle, I was very prideful, arrogant, and selfish with only one driving philosophy, “If it is to be, it is up to me”. As my heart became colder from my sinful living I found myself crossing the moral lines I swore I would never cross.  I was making money and doing things to hurt others to get what I wanted.  I threw money at problems and other people’s pain to help reduce my guilt but honestly, I did not care.

Then suddenly, my life changed while I was still seeking lustful things, I lost my job, I got divorced along with all my savings, evicted, and soon I was homeless with no place to live.  My so-called party friends deserted me and I was alone, living on the streets for over 15 months, and eating out of dumpsters. While on the streets I was fighting for my life every day, was shot at, involved in knife fights, and going days without any food at a time.  During this time I could not buy drugs or alcohol so I had to manage my withdrawals alone sleeping in the back seat of my non-functioning car.  Sometimes, even other homeless people would jump me in the middle of the night trying to steal what little I had so they could get drugs. I have seen things that haunted my dreams and I was sure that I was destined for hell.

Until one day God in His grace and mercy sought me out and delivered me from myself. Today, I stand here to proclaim the goodness of my savior not the wickedness of my flesh.

Why did you choose to serve in ministry?

To me, I had a first-hand experience of being delivered from my own choices and set free to start over. Jesus cared for me when no one else did, He snatched me out of my misery and put me back on my feet.  Jesus gave His all so that I could stand before God, washed clean of my sinful ways and He renewed my cold heart of stone into a burning fire of compassion.  Today, I do not want anyone else to continue living in their pain, hurt, and loneliness.  It is not someone else’s job to tell the world about Jesus, it is a believer’s purpose to lead others to Jesus. Therefore, each one of us is responsible for studying the word and becoming grounded in sound doctrine.  Then each of us who believe, we are called to testify of the goodness of God and share His Son, Jesus, and how much God loves each of us. I was on the downward train to hell with no hope until God brought me out.

You see when we live in sin, our body and soul combine to override our spirit and create a disconnect from God.  Only when we find Christ and our spirit is united with the Holy Spirit can we overcome our fleshly desires, emotions, lusts, and our own will.  Then when our spirit connects with the Holy Spirit, we take captive our thoughts, will, and emotions along with denying our flesh, and we truly start to experience the victory in Jesus.   We must make a focused effort daily to stay in prayer, read the word, and discern truth from lies in the world around us.   To be the light on the hill in this darkness of sinfulness that appeals to the flesh of everyone.

I believe God desires that each one of us is capable of sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ, encouraging one another, and giving hope to those who are hurting.  By walking in my spiritual gifting of leadership, administration, evangelism, mercy, and teaching; I believe my purpose is to help share Jesus Christ with others, then help to raise them to go and start their ministries, raising others.

Tell us about your family.

I am married to Nicole, a true godly woman and a blessing from the Lord.  After failing at marriage three different times because I lived in the flesh and treated these spouses terribly.   After my third marriage failed, I decided I was not going to date, nor look at women for 18 months.  Then by placing my trust solely in the Lord, served anywhere I could, and did not try to do anything on my own except sit still and wait on the Lord.  It was then while serving at Pastor Jackie’s birthday party at Calvary, that God brought Nicole into my life.  Our marriage has been a true revealing of faith and trust in God based on commitment. We met here in Ormond Beach at Calvary, serving side by side in the outreach ministry. Together, our blended family consists of five children and now several grandchildren.  I am just in awe and amazed at how wonderful life is when walking in the unbelievable blessing of the Lord.

What do you think God expects from you?

To allow God to love me unconditionally without any expectations placed on me that require me to earn my grace.  It sounds silly to say this but I was set free from my sinful ways so that I can willingly serve my Lord, Jesus Christ.  Because of Him, now I am free to serve others with His joy and love because of who God truly is.  Jesus came to seek and save the lost, I believe that God expects each one of us to use our gifts to glorify God and serve others in Christ’s love.

Who from the Bible do you most admire or feel connected to?

King David. He had a heart to pursue after God from love and gratitude like myself. He continued to make mistakes in relationships, with his children, friends, and kingdom efforts but he always humbled himself, repented and turned back to God. I believe David and I both genuinely love God from our hearts, seeking His will to be done and we both have made a lot of mistakes along our journeys. Thank God for his never-ending grace and mercies that are renewed daily through Jesus Christ our savior and sealed in the Holy Spirit unto all eternity.

Until the whole world knows Jesus Christ, may we all continue to love God and love others faithfully.

Pastor Jim

Servant Leader